3.000 kilometers in 8 days

We, that’s Fabian and Tom, friends since school days. And as our faithful companion on the upcoming adventure “The Deutschland Ralley” we’ll have Fabian’s good old Volkswagen Jetta from 1989 to join us on the many miles ahead. Besides being the true robust hero of this adventure and whilst providing our transportation the car is also giving the team its name: As the letters on the trunk have been missing for ever, the Etta is well-known amongst friends and family. So, we thought it’d only be fair to start the ralley as “Team Etta” and drive 3.000 kilometers across Germany in just 8 days under this widely famous reputation.

From the wild seas of the north to the highest mountain peaks of the south, through the enchanted forests of the east all the way to the post-industrial high culture in the west. All that without GPS or any navigation system and of course always off the world-famous “German Autobahn”.

Given that we will only be allowed to start in the competition, if we are able to collect more than 300 €, we kindly ask you to donate generously to the good cause. You can find the projects, which we support with your donation by clicking on the button below.

A goal is just a dream with a deadline.


You can also check out our official team page from SAC here.